Laugh out loud every day!

No matter how bad it is – that is just what it it is. What makes all the difference is what we do about it. Actually, I mean that literally! Are there things you can actually do to make the situation better? Make a plan and DO those things systematically. Start right away! 

AND, then, what makes the rest of the difference is how we react to what happens. Remember, it is simply life. Stuff happens. Not because we deserve it. Not because everything always happens to you. Not because you can’t catch a break. Stuff just happens. It’s not always about you. So – how to react? What to do?

Look for laughter. Lots of studies have shown that people who find ways to laugh improve their immune system. Their physical systems also improve. The body fights off disease better. The “feel good” chemicals in the brain abound. The diaphragm and core get a workout that releases tensions that were clamped on one’s innards.

There are lots of anecdotal stories of people who are diagnosed with a terminal disease who decided to watch as many movies and shows that made them laugh out loud as they could – all the time. And they outlived their prognosis considerably. AND, they enjoyed the time they had, laughing with others instead of sinking into a “poor me” depression.

Laughter is a great medicine for what-ever negative stuff is happening around and to you. Of course you need to deal with that stuff to the level that you can as recommended above. But, at the same time, look for laughter stuff as well. I find myself laughing out loud at the strangest things. Commercials that strike me as absurd. Noticing someone walking their dog and they look so much alike! Kids at play. A scene in a book that I am reading. Just everyday things that I let strike my funny bone.

I keep in mind the advice that I got from my Doctor when I hurt my shoulder. It hurt when I tried to raise it too far up. He said “if it hurts when you do that, don’t do that. If it feels good – do that.” Simple advice. Laughing feels good. Do that!

Love always!

If you squeeze an orange you get sweet orange juice. If you squeeze a lemon you get sour lemon juice. What comes out if you are squeezed? What comes out is what fills you. If you are filled with doubt, fear, anger, despair, anxiety, etc. – that is what will come out when faced with pressure and adversity. If you are filled with hope, joy, helpfulness, wonder, gratitude, love, etc. – that is what will come out when faced with pressure and adversity. It just feels better if good stuff comes out.

So how do we get to the good stuff if we are filled with the bad stuff? It is quite simple (not easy but simple). Remember the concept that what you think about and hold central in your mind is what comes about (and grows)? We simply need to shift our thoughts and focus to what we want to come about. That, in my humble opinion, starts with love. It is very hard to hold all those negative things central if you can simply focus on love instead.

What sort of love you might well ask? The sort of love by a person:

  • Who wants to hold the door open for someone.
  • Who wants to help a stranger with that.
  • Who takes great joy in seeing the calmness of a beautiful sunset or sunrise.
  • Who looks forward with eager anticipation to making a special treat for that special person.
  • Who imagines the fabulous reason that person who cut you off must be heading to.
  • Who enjoys noticing the lights being green to help you get to where you need to be on time.
  • Who revels in the growth of the kiddies in your life.
  • Who learns from and does not repeat mistakes (rather than feeling done in by them).
  • Who learns from adversity but does not dwell on it.

Starting to get the idea? Make your own list of stuff you love and will love. This is not the time for goals and achievement. This is a time for just being and being in love.

When is the best time for this to become a central focus of you life? Right now! Don’t you just love that? And how often should you focus on this? Easy one. Always!

If you need to remember that the past is done, do that. It happened, it is done. It will only define you if you let it. Do not let it define you. That was then, this is now – now what?

Of course there are things that happen that you really hate and wish fervently had never happened. But it did. Just think about the actual facts, not the emotions. Adjust to whatever new facts exist today and live on with love in your heart for the lessons and challenges you received. It is what it is! Focus on love.

I close as always with “Live well, love always and laugh out loud every day”.

Live Well

The new year has commenced and lots of us have thought about and maybe even made some resolutions for the year. I have always encouraged folks to only share “move up” resolutions and not to share “give up” resolutions. Not for any other reason than people most often are quick to point out when you are not living up to your resolution. It is a good thing to have folks help us to remember to get back to the “move up” resolution. However, we don’t need to hear about how we are failing at giving up that “give up” resolution. We would feel bad, get defensive and then sooner than later, abandon our efforts.

How does that relate to Live Well? What I want us to think about early this year is to remember to LIVE. Not to just exist from one day to the next or to just get by. Rather, let’s live well. Be aware of what is happening and look for the “neatness” in it. We are enjoying our lives for a finite amount of time and we don’t have any real idea of how much time that is. So, why not make the conscious choice to live well, i.e.. fully? Go out with those friends for a snack. Take a walk in the absolutely freezing weather (for goodness sakes though be sure to dress warmly :-p). Stop everything for a few minutes and have a totally “do nothing” break. Clear away the clutter and enjoy the surroundings. Write that letter (or article or email) that you have been thinking of doing but have not quite gotten around to.

Use the good china. Use the new towels. Wear the good clothes even on the weekend. And, do it now. Tell the ones you love that you love them! I do mean to tell them. If you have had some sort of argument or disagreement, set it aside or make it right in some way as soon as you can. We don’t want to be stuck with the memory of harsh words as our last words with someone.

Live well. Enjoy. We live on one world! Peace! Love! Joy! Happiness!

Live well, love always and laugh out loud every day. 🙂

A few minutes. Evaluate.

I am sure that you come across clever images on various social media that speak to you. It happens to me also. What do you do about it? Just observe it for a second or two and then pass on? Of course! We are busy folk and need to move on to the next thing. Sometimes we might even say to ourselves that we will come back to it and give it more attention later. That’s ok. Save the image and then focus on it during the time you have set aside each day for “meditation “. I put it in quotes as not everyone meditates. But, I hope by now you at least take a few minutes each day to evaluate the day and how it went for you.

The image that I have put here can be a good guide to help you in reflecting on how your day went. More importantly, it can serve as a good motivator for living the way you really want to. I know it is small but if you click on the image it will get larger. Just take note of what jumps out at you and grabs your attention first. Is it something that you feel good about because you already live that way consistently? Or is it something that you see as a weakness or want to change?

My purpose in writing this today is just to provide another tool to help in leading a life where we can be happy anyway. I use tools like this all the time and feel great reminding myself about what is “ten years in the future” important.

As usual I want to remind us all to “Live well, Love always and Laugh out loud every day.”


Year end. Year ahead.

This is the time of the year that we see all the clever recaps and look-backs of the year that is coming to a close. We do that as well. We look back at our year and remember the things we did and the things that happened to and around us.

You are probably recalling the bad stuff that happened to and around you. Not to worry – that is natural. Not too good for the feelings of happiness that we want but it is something we do and need to handle. Go ahead. Recall those things. They did happen (if you just think they happened but there is no evidence – reject it! It is imaginary). But, let them go. There is not a single thing you can do to make it so that those things did not happen. That was then, this is now.

Next recall the things that were good that occurred to and around you during the past year. Of course there were things! Bring them clearly to your mind. Focus on these things. What was good about them? How did you feel? How do you feel now while thinking about them? This feels better than thinking about the bad stuff right? So, choose! Focus your memory on the good stuff.

If some of the bad things have left consequences that you are dealing with now, that is just the way life works. We are where we are and we, again, have an opportunity to make choices. Choose to look at the good around you right now, figure out what you need to do to adjust to the current stuff, make plans to do what needs to be done and get started right now with the first step! (Well you can start after you finish reading this if you like. ;-))

Part of the year-end review should include a review about how you have done on your objectives (goals), both short term and long term. Did you achieve all? Of course not. Are the goals you have not met yet still important? If the answer is “not so much”, drop them from your list of things you want to achieve. If yes, carry them forward to next year. Next, what do you really, really, really, REALLY want to get done in the next 12 months? Make a list. Include the goals that are still important from last year.

Look at that list. Are there priorities that stand out for you? List that one first. What do YOU need to do to make that happen? Make a full list. Now put those things in the order that they will have to be done. Those are the steps that you can take that will lead to the achievement of that objective or goal (and a happy feeling next December when you review the year again. :-)). Do that for the next most important objective or goal you want to make sure comes about for you over the next year. And so on.

Print those lists out and keep them where you sit to do your planning for the month, week and day. Fit those steps that you can do into each area. Do one of those things right now! As Tony Robbins says: “take massive action”. Do! Act!

Continue to live well, love always and laugh out loud every day. Have a great year ahead. May it be the best yet!