1 Pound of Muscle Burns 100 Calories!!

By the time we reach the age of 40 we have lost about 10 pounds of lean muscle mass. Have you noticed, like I have, that most of us have not lost any weight or size? In fact, most of us have gained weight and gotten bigger. Sounds like a bit of a paradox doesn’t it?

It is actually fairly easy to understand when you know a bit about metabolism. Muscles burn more calories than fat. What this means is that it takes more calories to maintain the lean muscle mass as it does to maintain body fat.

What’s going on? As we lose muscle mass, we need less calories on a daily basis to maintain our bodies. However, we usually do not reduce our intake. In addition, we tend to move a bit less because we are working more and “playing” less. Again, we do not need as many calories but we continue to take on the calories we have been accustomed to eating. Our bodies take this excess of calories and turns it to fat and stores it up in the event that we do not get enough food in the future. That is how we are designed. So, we gain more fat and lose more muscle mass. This leads to steadily increasing weight and loss of fitness. This leads, naturally, to health problems!

Time to take control! You know it and I know it. BUT, we just do not have the time or inclination to spend hours a week at a gym or running to burn calories. In fact, for most of us, we do not find any enjoyment in these sorts of activities. Further, we need to “eat better”. Maybe a diet! We have been told that we just need to increase our activity and reduce our intake of food. While that is essentially true, it is not that easy, is it?

If you think about that 10 pounds of muscle mass that we have lost by the age of 40, we  can understand that we would have to run for about an hour every day to burn the 1000 calories that the lean muscle mass used to burn. Who can or wants to do that? Why not just get the muscle mass back? That makes so much sense doesn’t it? Can we? Yes, we can!

Don’t want to spend time in a gym with the gym rats? Don’t know what to do and can’t afford the time or money for a personal trainer to “yell” at you to “work harder, more, more ….”? Well stay tuned. I will have some great answers very soon. 🙂


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