Business 101

It is a basic reality that people will pay for a service or product that they need or want. To be successful in business you need to provide that product or service. It also follows that the more people that buy your product or service, the more money you can make. In addition, if the product/service is a consumable, the income stream carries on (trailer income).

That is pretty simple. Lots of entrepreneurs find the right idea and take it to market and do very well. The better the idea meets the true needs of the public, the better they do. The more of the public they can reach, again, the better they do.

The subset here is: the more people you can present your offer to, the more you will sell.

So, what do we need if we want to generate a new income stream? A great idea that has a vision that is world wide would be great. It would be good if you did not have to do the creation steps. (Like a franchise.) It would be excellent if you could build an organization of people who want to sell the product/service and earn commissions on their sales. Finally, in this internet world, if you could take the concept viral, you can truly build an excellent business!

Most of us have great ideas! That is never the problem. The problem is taking it from the idea stage to production and delivery. That is where we get hit with realities most of the time. So the alternative is to find an organization that is marketing a service/product that we can really identify with. That we recognize will meet a huge need in the market place.

All we need is the organization that is in the start up phase with a great idea in a world wide market. An organization that has done all the developmental and testing work…….. Has its delivery infrastructure all in place…….. In a market that is a worldwide trillion dollar market.

Stay tuned. 🙂


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