What Do YOU Do To Be Happy Anyway?

Quick – what do you do to feel happier when you are having a bad day? How many ideas can you list in just a minute or so?

We all have them. A day when things just don’t work out. Everything you do turns to mud. Someone lost your order. Every road you drive on has construction and delays that make you actually miss meetings! Your dental plan does not cover that but you still need it. You know what I am talking about here. A “bad hair day”! You just feel anything but happy. So, what do you do to get back to feeling happy?

I have notes saying “Be Happy Anyway” placed in strategic spots where I will see them during the day. I change them up on occasion so that my mind’s eye does not just ignore them and not see them. The reason that helps me so much is because I have something else that I can use and the notes remind me to use it if I really need a boost.

Actuall it is 2 things. Two lists to be precise. I have a list that I call my “Feel Good List”. I also have a list that I call my “Joy List”. I’l describe what is on each list and how I use it to return to feeling happy when I need a boost. Then, make your own lists up and use them the same way. It will help.

“Feel Good List”
I actually have a file where I keep notes about successes that I have had and events that made me feel good. It includes testimonials from others, letters of thanks or congratulations, newspaper articles that had an uplifting effect on me, notes of things that made me feel proud (of myself or of a loved one), places I enjoyed visiting (and what it was that I enjoyed), and so on. Feel good things! I can take this out and just look through it for a minute or so and in just that short amount of time I start to feel better. I shift my focus away from the ugly and over to the beautiful.

“Joy List”
This is just a simple list of the things I love to do that make me feel happy. A list of the things that bring me joy. Things that I can actually do. Favourite music to listen to. Walk in the park. Talk to my grand-kids (the Kiddies!).  Go to a play or live show. Work out. Read a book. Plan a meal with my wonderful wife. I think you get the idea. Make a list of things that bring you joy. Include things that are big AND small. Just looking at your list will start the juices flowing. But, make sure that you actually do something on the list so that you can bring back those feelings of happiness on those “bad hair days”.

Live well, love always and laugh out loud every day! 🙂

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