Does the wake push you around?

Does it push or does it trail?

Consider this just for a minute or two. When you are out in a boat enjoying a pleasant ride what do you see around you? Water of course, but if you look behind you, you will see the wake of the boat. If you are going in  a straight line it will be quite long and straight out behind you. If you are curving around like in this picture, the wake will curve as well. We all know this.

Now, consider this. If you look back and see the wake trailing behind you, do you ever get the feeling that it is pushing you? Do you get the impression that it can push you in a different direction if it wanted to? WAIT! Don’t stop reading just yet. I really do have a point.

So many of us think that our past is what is steering us. Our past is what is trapping us in our today. I want to challenge that once and for all. Our past is just that, past. It is in fact our wake; the trail that is left behind on our journey. It marks out exactly how we got to where we are today. But it does not determine where we will go in the next minute, day week or year. As you look around, you can set a new course direction. It cannot push you!

To beat this analogy into the ground, you may find yourself in very bad waters and where you want to be may look almost unattainable. However, if you can see at least a direction, you can turn the boat of your life towards that direction and evaluate how you are doing a bit later in the journey. Then keep making the steering adjustments that will take you to where you want to be.

As I have said many times before, it is all about choices. Stop blaming your past for your troubles. Just acknowledge the past and choose to move forward. You really can be happy anyway. 🙂

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