What to do about fitness!

It is a fact that overweight and obesity is a real issue for us to deal with, wether it is a personal issue or something we want to avoid. People who are overweight and/or obese stand a much greater risk of developing diabetes requiring massive change to life style. Some will develop heart problems restricting what they can do. Some will have a stroke.

Another risk factor is simple aging. That is primarily due to the fact that lean muscle mass decreases naturally (unless we do something about it). As that happens. we add fat to our bodies, thereby increasing the risks of the issues mentioned above.

How do we reduce the risks? Get more fit! Simple! Really!

What stopping us? We have tried lots of things and we still do not feel fit. Why is that? Frankly it is because we have been told to do things that just do not work for us. We do not have the time to spend going to, and,in the gym. If you are like me, you hate gyms. An hour of exercise is just torture. I also do not know what to do and how to do it. Personal trainers cost too much and, again, take too much time! I won’t even talk about the fad diets this time. I will save that for another issue.

So, what is the solution? Find a program that coaches, educates and guides you in exactly what to do to increase lean muscle mass (which leads naturally to reducing body fat). It has to be flexible enough to fit into any hectic schedule. There should be a strong community that is very supportive. A community that encourages and congratulates us on our progress. It should be a program that allows us to participate to the level that we are comfortable with and able to. We should not be made to feel like failures, ever.

Here are 5 points to follow:

1 Do not start with diet!

2 Redirect your calories. Aerobic only burns calories while exercising. When you stop, burning stops.Muscle mass burns calories all day long. (10x more than fat). Build strength.

3 Be proud and praise yourself.

4 Be open-minded to accept and try new ideas. Not diet but exercise!

5 Support each other.

All we need now is the site that will do these things.


Stay tuned! 😉


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