A few minutes. Evaluate.

I am sure that you come across clever images on various social media that speak to you. It happens to me also. What do you do about it? Just observe it for a second or two and then pass on? Of course! We are busy folk and need to move on to the next thing. Sometimes we might even say to ourselves that we will come back to it and give it more attention later. That’s ok. Save the image and then focus on it during the time you have set aside each day for “meditation “. I put it in quotes as not everyone meditates. But, I hope by now you at least take a few minutes each day to evaluate the day and how it went for you.

The image that I have put here can be a good guide to help you in reflecting on how your day went. More importantly, it can serve as a good motivator for living the way you really want to. I know it is small but if you click on the image it will get larger. Just take note of what jumps out at you and grabs your attention first. Is it something that you feel good about because you already live that way consistently? Or is it something that you see as a weakness or want to change?

My purpose in writing this today is just to provide another tool to help in leading a life where we can be happy anyway. I use tools like this all the time and feel great reminding myself about what is “ten years in the future” important.

As usual I want to remind us all to “Live well, Love always and Laugh out loud every day.”


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