It Really is All About Choices!

Every minute of every day we are making choices. Do I have this or that for breakfast? Do I stop or go through the orange light? Do I put my right sock on first or my left sock? Do i get upset about that or do I let it go and find peace? Can I afford it?

We have made up our lists and have prioritized each of them. We know what is most important to us in all areas of our life. It is probably pretty obvious most fo the time which choice we should make. However, we often are too caught up in the every day stuff to think before we do something. As a result, we really do not make a choice. Rather, we let events make choices for us and we drift along. Well, that is a choice in and of itself.

I want to encourage you to conciously make choices that are from the point of view of awareness. They should be consistent and congruent with your life’s mission. Choices should take you further along the path of happiness, service to others and towards what ever you have chosen to be/have/do.

It really is about choices. Choosing starts with being aware at all times that you are choosing (even a non-choice is a choice). There are no excuses, just choices. Check out Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s latest book, Excuses Be Gone.

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