Reflect on life lived.

Edward Kennedy has just died. Life goes on but sometimes a death of a public figure is significant enough to cause us to reflect on our own lives a bit. Remember, a life unexamined is not lived as well as it can be.

The Kennedys of Teddy’s generation have lived lives of service. This has been a reflection of their mother’s exortation that “to whom much is given, much is expected”. They had their warts but overall, they lived a life of service to others who were less fortunate than they were.

When we look at our own lives, are we living lives that our mothers would be proud of? Are we taking the time to do things now instead of always putting them off until next year? Are we really annoyed at that idiot who just cut in front of us during the drive home? Do our inner thoughts reveal our real personality? Are we happy with that real inner personality?

It is a good time to reflect a bit. Examine what is really important and focus more on that. Calm down and look around at this amazing world. Live well, love always and laugh out loud every day!

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