Enjoy – Take Time to Smell the Flowers!

Think about the last time you were driving and someone wanted to cut in front of you. You were in a hurry (aren’t we always!) and so you were determined to not let the person in. You tensed up, hunched forward a little and started to put your foot on the gas and the brake at the same time so that you could stop quickly if you had to. You may even be thinking bad thoughts about the person trying to cut in and the heritage of that person’s family even! Your stomach is surely a little tense. Your neck is tight. Your hands are grasping the wheel tightly. WAIT. Is this the feeling that you want?

Remember the time that you let a person in front of you? The person probably waved thanks and you felt good about doing something nice for someone. It made you sit up a little taller and your hands relaxed a bit on the wheel. You took a deeper breath and noticed that you were sitting back, relaxed, your stomach not in knots and your neck was not tense. This is more like the feeling you are wanting more of. How much difference do you think it makes in your trip to where you are going?

I am not suggesting that you become a patsy and a push over. All I am saying is that if someone really needs some assistance, it usually does not take very much to offer a helping hand. We are all in this together. Think first about what you want to feel, and relax. Be an example for others and let us build a truly “kinder, gentler world” one act of peace at a time.

What about when someone cuts in front and is just being obnoxious or a jerk? They are clearly self-centered and may even be a danger to themselves and others. The best remedy is to let them go and relax. I always joke with myself that they must have a great job to get to if they are in that much of a hurry. Or they have something amazing to look forward to when they get to where they are going. Again, it does not take much time to let it go and I get the feelings of relaxation and even a bit of humour out of the situation. I really know that the other person is probably a pretty uptight sort of individual and will likely have a shortened life and even if it is not shortened, it will not be peaceful or happy. There can be no time for smelling the flowers at that sort of pace. Enjoy your time, stay happy, smell the flowers!

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