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I am Brian Reid and I want to be a part of changing behaviour in ways that help to build a world of people who are happier. With a focus on becoming happier, we will naturally shift the focus from adversarial outlooks to inclusive and peaceful approaches to all that we do. If you join me in this, perhaps we can get our friends and family to join us. Then our neighbours. Then the local area. Then the city. Then the portion of our region. Then our country. Pretty soon we reach a tipping point and we are part of a larger thing altogether.

Let’s do this! Beats the heck out of fighting and anxiety! The one thing that everyone in the world really, really, really, really, wants is happiness. That is what we all have in common. Let us help each other to focus on happiness, not the differences!

I am convinced that it is never too late to start nor is it too early to introduce the concept of sharing of peace and happiness to our kids. We can be examples and we can help others to develop great habits to deal with adversity and life’s “unfair attacks”.

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