Tool Box

The following links will take you to files or sites that I have put here to provide some help on a variety of topics. I will write a brief description for each link. Hope it is useful.

AHA!-sheet This is a neat little page that I hand out at seminars so people can write down a neat idea they have exactly when they have it. They can put an idea or two about how they will apply it to themselves so positive change can start right away. Print one and keep it with you when you read this blog and comments. When a good idea occurs, write it down and fill in the other side – “what if I …..”. An idea is only really good if we put it to action and apply it.

Everything In Life Is Negotiations-pamphlet1 This is a short pamphlet about negotiations based upon my views developed over many years of all sorts of negotiations. Enjoy thinking about how you will approach negotiations.


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